"Aparna is a person of rare distinction with her approach to life. Her excellent capability of getting adjusted to different environments speaks of her ability to look at the various points and counterpoints. As a professional, she is very persuasive with extraordinary determination. Her strong assertiveness with a unique blend of responsiveness has definitely contributed to her outstanding skills for managing people processes. As a person, she has the required conceptual maturity supported by her ability to gain from her varied experiential learning. The extraordinary quality of persistent determination is attributed to her in meeting the challenges of life and be the ultimate winner in any circumstances. Her positivism is exemplary."

Dr. Abhijit Gangopadhyay

Ex- Head of Dept- PM & IR, TISS, Mumbai

"Aparna is a multi talented friend whose loyalty, dedication to her purpose in life and positive attitude are an asset to our friendship. She is hard working, willing to learn new skills and knowledge and always supportive of others in their work. Good at team building, she has a focused attitude to work and building relationships."

Ms.Vimla Patil

A friend and Ex-Editor of Femina

"To me Aparna is a person with a lot of substance and character. She is full of life exuberating with affection and amiable ways to be admired; I wonder how she manages the strength to be so positive in everything she does and still maintains the poise and grace of an elegant self, in the most turbulent times!

She is the strongest pillar of support for all her near and dear ones, and yet never lets anyone worry about her own struggles; She loves unconditionally and ensures the well being of family and friends; She is like a candle, which brings light in the lives of others dispelling darkness and bringing hope;

She is a true Champion and has carved a niche for herself through perseverance, and inspires all who come in contact with her to excel in life like a sweet fragrance;

She knows what’s best and leaves no stone unturned to get the best, A person who walks her talk and is an angel at heart;

To sum it all up, she is undoubtedly A truly liberated woman of the 21st century.

I am indeed proud to have a friend like Aparna!"

Dr. Faiqa Saulat Khan

A childhood bosom pal( Inseparable)

Aparna is:

  • An individual dedicated to and passionate about her work and making people better contributors to their respective organizations.
  • Is energized and engaged in whatever she sets about to accomplish.
  • Builds relationships and maintains them not just for the utility of work to be done, but to last beyond work or her needs.
  • Is bright, creative and a thinker; she’s an “idea a minute” person who never needs to be motivated by someone else – she takes care of that herself!

Mr. John Murabito

Ex Global HR Head Monsanto and a friend

"Aparna is a very collective, assertive professional who has a focus on what she wants and what her responsibilities are to others and tends to give a 100% of her efforts.

It is always an Inspiration to be around Aparna as there could never be a dull moment.

Hard to come by a human being who is an achiever like her in today’s day & age and Aparna is the one."

Mr. Perry Drew

Ex-Director – International Business Development, QUALCOMM(U.S) and friend

"Thinking about attributes like sharp intelligence, sincerity, hard work, excellent organizational skills, commitment & dedication to work & ability to accept, face and overcome varied challenges of life---This is the image that emerges in my mind when I think of Aparna! Her clear vision and passion about any task she undertakes, has resulted in so many achievements so far. While she rightly appreciates the value of mentoring, Aparna herself can be an effective mentor to many aspiring young women.
Wishing her continued success in all walks of life!"

Ms. Geeta Patil

Ex-colleague and friend

I have known Aparna from the time she has been a student at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. In 1994, she came to Shriram Industrial Enterprises Limited (SIEL), Delhi as a Summer Trainee for 2 months. During the course of her travel for the study and stay in different places, Aparna had to face many challenges. She faced them with great calm and understanding. I remember my exit interview with her even now. I was worried whether she would carry back to the Institute her difficult experiences in the Summer Program and cause any damage to the Organization’s reputation. To my surprise, her assurance to me was that, all she had gone through the Summer Program was to her benefit and that she was not carrying back any negative feelings about the organization. This attitude of facing reality is her greatest strength. The assignment she did with me was the stepping stone for her career starting with NOCIL and later on with many reputed organizations, nationally and internationally.

Aparna has been in touch with me ever since. In all her interactions, she is honest and genuine. She is a very friendly and caring person.

As a professional, I noticed that she gives utmost importance to the job she handles. She gives her 100% to complete the tasks successfully. I remember some years ago, when she had a major accident, despite the pain in her legs, she was in the office to complete urgent matters needing her attention. Aparna is someone who you can put your trust in and rely upon. Her values and convictions are strongly rooted in humanism as a philosophy of life. She speaks her mind without fear or malice.

She has now become a member of our family!

Mr. Raju

First Summer Intern Guide, Friend and Coach

"Three words come to mind when I think about Aparna – passion, commitment and perseverance. Aparna is very passionate and enthusiastic about everything at work & life in general, which is a great quality because it is infectious. Others around her, can’t help but be equally or more passionate because of her passion. These passions tend to focus on how to help others grow and develop and Aparna’s career has reflected a steadfast commitment to these themes. This commitment is also reflected in her personal life.
And finally, when things have gotten tough, I have observed Aparna persevere in the face of significant obstacles. Her passion and commitment, in the long run, have been strengthened by difficulties."

Mr. George Schenk

Monsanto Company, USA Global Lead, Leadership Development

  • Aparna was my mentee, as part of her on-boarding process in Novartis, Mumbai
  • She was punctilious in observing the schedule and was a good learner.
  • Her adaptive skills lent a quick understanding of the work culture
  • She quickly took on the challenges within her business unit
  • She independently brought damage control to crisis situations
  • Leading from the front is her strength
  • Her understanding of the business helped her to meet her deliverables

Mr. Suresh Advani

Ex Head HR – APAC Region, Sandoz India Private Limited

The first time I met Aparna, I had the impression of a young go-getter HR Professional.

She seemed to be highly energetic and I could feel the vibes of a focussed budding leader who would go very far.

Aparna also displayed a strong sense of commitment and work completion in every interaction I had with her.

In the course of my business dealing with her almost ten years ago, she had always impressed me as someone who paid close attention to details and yet had a good helicopter view of issues and opportunities. Aparna is a strong achiever and a caring friend !

Mr. Tengku S. Indra

SDG Asia, Kuala Lumpur & Singapore

Aparna, the name is synonymous with Goddess Parvati. It means “without a leaf”. In Hindu tradition, it was Parvati who went on an endless fast to win over Shiva. The Sages were impressed by the determination of the mountain princess to endure such an endless fast for so long a time. They gathered around her and blessed her. “She is Aparna, the girl who refuses to eat even a leaf,” they said.

The Aparna I know has gone thru various phases in life – joy, pleasure, grief, sadness but I have never seen her loose her poise or hope or the joy of living life. This is what endures her to me. An amazing Type “A” personality - Challenges, Change and Work are a pleasure for her. Ready to help and support always – a friend in my opinion who will always be there for you.

Someone I am privileged to know and will always cherish

Mr. Kamlesh Sajnani

Institute of Management Studies (IMS), Mumbai

"On Guru Purnima day again this year (2009), my phone rang & I heard "Hello Madam! Do you recognize my voice---yes, I immediately said…..It is Aparna".

"Generally, Teachers forget students because the time spent with the students is limited to the time spent in a particular class but Aparna has been an EXCEPTION.

I cannot forget her even after over 15 years. Her single minded devotion to studies and intelligence always attracted my attention when I was teaching her History in College (B.A). She is not only intelligent but also gentle and respectful towards elders & all. Though her focus was mainly on studies, she was very active in all extra-curricular activities too. She also has a great command on English & Hindi languages which I remember till today. Everyone (Principal, Professors& fellow students) in the college was very impressed by her versatile personality.

I wish her great happiness and success in future."

Ms. Sarita Deoskar

Retired Professor of History, M.L.B. College, Bhopal.

I first met Aparna in 1999, when I did my summer training at Monsanto.Aparna was then the HR Manager and charged with the responsibility of guiding the summer trainees. One could easily see even during those first interactions that everyone found her easy to approach.

My interactions with her continued not only through the 2 months of my stint during that summer, but also beyond that. During the period that followed, I came to know her much better. What stood out during those initial interactions was her confidence and exuberance. Her energy was almost infectious and one could almost feel the difficulties melting away!

Now that I know Aparna much better, I know that she has also had her of ups and downs, but has been able to come out stronger after every trial. This is one quality that probably sets her apart, and will continue to do so.

Mr. Anand Ramadurai

Ex colleague and now Friend

"For me, Aparna is a "Living Angel" I have ever met in my life since she has a golden heart. She selflessly helped all co-passengers & others who were stuck in the Singapore Airport for 3 nights & 4 days at the time of 26th July floods in Mumbai in 2005 when she was herself stranded due to cancellation of flights.

Aparna for me is a symbol of motivation, inspiration, positive approach and a very strong lady whom I respect and get motivation whenever I face challenges in life.

I pray to God to bless Aparna and her family."

Mr. Harjit Singh Bhatti

Fellow Passenger (SQ flight-2005) & now Friend

"Aparna, as I know her for over a decade, is an intelligent, focused, career conscious, loving and humane faced being which God has given to all of us as a precious prize.

She has abundance of warmth and extended help to me whenever I needed the same. Sometimes I wonder what would have been my existence worth without a friend like Aparna who means a lot to me."

Mr. Upinder Wanchoo

Ex-colleague and friend

Aparna is another name of Paravti. Aparna Sharma comes across as a life full of passion, enthusiasm, energy, vision and smile. When I met her first time in my B-School campus during summers-placement talks then I was impressed with her energy. Luckily I did my summers with the same company which she represented. It was a pleasure to work in the same organization with her, under her supervision J as an HR manager.

She has a been a great friend since those days and smile she brings in all the interactions with sparkling eyes is just divine. She is a highly committed professional and a movie buff who loves her family.

She perfectly represents the “Shakti” – another name of Paravti. May Shiva bless his “Shakti” always!

Mr. Vivekanand Sharma

Ex-colleague and a Friend

"Aparna means an inspiration to me! Met her first in late 90's & till today, apart from being a good friend, she is also a mentor to me. Seeing her, I always feel motivated to do something on my career front.

She is always full of positivity towards life and this is the quality that makes her "The Aparna".

After watching her closely, I left all my inhibitions especially that after marriage life comes to a complete halt for girls like me. I learnt from her that life is a constant journey and we have to always move forward, do whatever we want to do. I started as an entrepreneur and now run 3 companies as Promoter/Director.

She is humble, has lot of respect for elders and this quality of her, has touched me deeply. Everytime I look at her, I feel proud that she is happy and so accomplished. God Bless you! "

Ms. Jyoti Singh

Friend and Entrepreneur

“Aparna is an embodiment of courage and connect. The question you may ask is connect to who?- I will say she can connect to any audience which is in front of her.

She tells me that she comes from a small town but to me she is a thorough professional who says I will compete with the best irrespective of gender.

I had an opportunity to engage in a one to one chat with her when she visited Atharva Institute of Management Studies recently. She is a professional HR Leader whom I describe in the

following words "Will do, Can do and Must do ".

Mr.N.S Rajan

Dean, Atharva Institute of Management Studies, Ex-Director(HRD), pre-merged Air India and Senior TISSian

Aparna means a lot to me. At first, Aparna is a very competent and committed HR professional. She was instrumental to the success of UCB not only in India, but also globally. Aparna is generous, curious and positively challenging. I had great pleasure of learning from her about Indian culture and after all these years, she remains a friend now!

Mr.Fabrice Enderlin

Ex Global HR Head, UCB and a friend