Between U & Me

by Aparna Sharma
( Foreword by PadmaBhushan Dr. Devi Shetty )

After the tremendous success of ‘Reality Bytes – The Role of HR in Today’s World’, in English and Hindi, Aparna Sharma’s second book, ‘Between U & Me’, is a genuine endeavor to share with the readers, ‘extraordinary lessons’ from ‘ordinary people’.
All of us encounter obstacles or face challenges in our lives. As the challenges become complex, quite naturally, we feel the need for motivation. While self-help and inspirational books are available aplenty, most of them sketch the journey of the who’s who or celebrities whose advice, though genuine, is difficult to follow for common people.
“But why should we take inspiration from celebrities alone?”asks Aparna Sharma.“Since it is human nature to share and learn from others, why not seek advice from ‘ordinary’ but experienced people around us, who can guide us effectively and practically to resolve our problems?”

It is with this thought that Aparna has written the book, ‘Between U & Me’. What makes Aparna Sharma’s book stand out is that unlike the norm, she does not use the lives of famous personalities to draw inspiration. Rather, the book portrays the real-life stories of the people around her, who have inspired her and made a positive difference to her life– from her educational to personal and professional life. The protagonistsof this book, are so-called ‘ordinary’ people, but each is an achiever in his/her own right. In simple, lucid language, they have chronicled their life journeys, the circumstances and challenges they faced with tenacity to reach the pinnacles of success, for the benefit of the readers.

From an octogenarian former editor of the first English women’s magazine in India, to an entrepreneur who applies the ancient knowledge given by Chanakya to the business world, to a household help, tested by circumstances but firm in spirit, to a young, guitar-strumming renunciate, they span generations and are from different age groups and strata of society. However, the common thread that runs between them is, their attitude towards life and the fact that the transformation they brought in their lives, began with themselves.

Some of these stories will leave you teary-eyed ,a few will make you ponder over the unjust norms of society while others will leave you marvelling at the sheer persistence of these people in the face of all odds. But all of them will, no doubt, change your perspective towards life and leave you motivated and empowered to take on your own challenges and rise above your situation.

Each reader will find in the book, something that will resonate with his/her life, either personal or professional, making it a must-read for people of all ages, as well as a wonderful gift.The best part of the book is that the reader can revisit the book any time he/she feels the need for much-required encouragement.

The extraordinary qualities of these people exist within each one of us too. All that is needed is for us to get in touch with them, brush off the layers of conditioning or neglect, and polish them to a shine. So, here’s wishing the readers success in letting their inner strength shine through, just like the people in this book!

The book is published by Vishwakarma Publications.


Author : Aparna Sharma

Felicitated with the “Indian HR Champion of the Year-2019”, “ Indian Business Woman of the Year 2019” award by MORPEHUS Enterprises, “ILDC-AMP Woman Excellence Award 2019 for Learning & Development”, “Best HR Trainer” by ICBM AMP Academic Excellence Awards 2018, "Woman Achiever Award 2018” by Indian Women Convention (IWC),“MTC Global Outstanding Corporate Award for Excellence in Human Resources” during the 6th Annual Global Convention –SANKALP 2016, “Women Achievers Award" by World HRD Congress & Institute of Public Enterprise in 2013, “HR Super Achiever Award” by Star News at the 20th World HRD Congress 2012 amongst many others, Aparna is a passionate learner in her journey of over 23 years of intense and expansive HR work. In her diverse roles, Aparna has successfully been a learning partner, mentor and coach to leaders, leadership teams and organisations to build competencies, learning abilities and nimbleness for achieving purposeful performance.


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Aparna Sharma

Book Launch


1 Mumbai Book Launch at TSCFM 25/05/2018 With Shri Ranjit Shahani, Vishal Soni, Ashwin Pasricha, Guruji Dhyanshree Shailesh,
Raj Khilnani, Yogita Vaidya & Dr.Adil Malia.
2 Mumbai Book Launch at
Mumbai Press Club
26/05/2018 With P.Venkatraman, Guruji Dhyanshree Shailesh, Yogita Vaidya,
Smt.Vimla Patil, Raj Khilnani & Tanveer Shaikh
3 Thane Book Launch at
Hiranandani Estate Club
02/06/2018 With Shri N.M Sharma, Tanveer Shaikh, Shri Pheru Singh Ruhela,
Smt.Usha Sharma, Yogita Vaidya,Vandana Jadhav & Ashwin Pasricha
4 Mumbai Book Launch at Kitab Khana 08/06/2018 With Dr.Radhakrishnan Pillai, Vishal Soni & Ashwin Pasricha
5 Mumbai Book Launch at Library- National Sports Club of India (NSCI) 09/06/2018 In Conversation with Tanveer Shaikh
6 Mumbai Did You Read Today?- Book Lovers Club 10/06/2018 With Prabha Kishore & all members of the Club
7 Ahmedabad “Laja” Forum 16/06/2018 With Nirali Shah, Smt.Kamini Rao & Asmita Gajjar
8 Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Management Association (AMA) 16/06/2018 With Dr.T.V Rao & Paresh Kariya
9 Ujjain St.Mary’s Convent School 07/07/2018 With Shri N.M Sharma, Guruji Dhyanshree Shailesh, Sister Roshan (Principal), Sister Marlyn (Vice Principal) & Yogita Vaidya
10 Pune MIT School of Technology Management 19/07/2018 With Faculty & Librarian
11 Pune “Between the Lines”, An Upohan Initiative 19/07/2018 With Advait Kurlekar, Veena Apte, Vijay Pusalkar & Kiran Deshpande
12 Pune Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD) 21/07/2018 With Faculty & Students
13 Mumbai Aspiring Writers Community @SHEROES 25/07/2018 With participants
14 Mumbai RebootHer 01/08/2018 With Anupama Kapoor & Participants
15 Pune Book Launch @Gyan Adab Centre of Learning 10/08/2018 With Dr.Manisha Sharma, Yogita Vaidya, Tanveer Shaikh, Shri Pheru Singh Ruhela, Shri N.M.Sharma, Shri Randhir Khare, Smt.Jyoti Vaidya,Shri Subhash Vaidya & Vishal Soni
16 Mumbai ITM Business School 11/08/2018 With Dr. Lakshmi Mohan - Director, Dr. Veni Nair - Assistant Director & Students
17 Lonavala Institute for Future Education, Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL) 18/08/2018 With Director, Veteran, Wing Commander Sudhir Salunkhe & Students
18 Mumbai NHRDN Mumbai Chapter 23/08/2018 With Dr.Bigyan Verma , Students & Members
19 Mumbai 2nd Employee Engagement and Experience Summit and Awards 24/08/2018 With Abidali Dossa, Speakers & Audience
20 Mumbai “Being Woman Rocks” event 24/08/2018 With Rajika Kishore & Participants
21 Mumbai Book Launch during Training Session on “Developing Women Leadership : A Roadmap to Success” by UN Global Compact Network India (UN GCNI) 31/082018 With Mr.Kamal Singh (Executive Director), Ms.Nasreen Khan & Participants
22 New Delhi HR Conclave @Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) 01/09/2018 With Director, Participants & Students
23 Kota Book Launch @DCM Shriram Group 13/09/2018 With Shri V.K Jaitly (Sr.Vice President & Factory Head), Shri Kireet Joshi & Senior Management Team
24 Kota Book Launch by Kota Divisional Employer’s Association & Small Scale Industries Association (SSI) 17/09/2018 With Shri V.K Jaitly,Shri Govind Ram Mittal, Shri B.L Gupta & Shri Amit Bansal
25 Kota Book Launch by ISTD Kota Chapter 18/09/2018 With Ms.Anita Chauhan, Shri V.K Jaitly, Dr.M.L Agarwal & ISTD members
26 Chennai Book Launch by Madras Management Association 21/09/2018 With Shri.Palam, Mr.Bhagwan, Mr.Ratheesh Iyer, Grp. Captn. VijayKumar & Shri Vijay Balaji
27 Chennai Book Launch 22/09//2018 With Mr.Hrishikesh Datar, Mr.Niraj, Mr.Ashwath & employees
28 Mumbai Online Book Launch during Webinar & FB Live session titled “ Be Ordinary but Live Extraordinary” 24/09/2018 Webinar by
29 Kolkata Book Launch @Adamas University 27/09/2018 With Chancellor – Prof.Samit Ray, Vice-Chancellor, Deans, Faculty & Students
30 Pune Book Reading @6th Pune International Festival (PILF) 28/09/2018 With curious book lovers
31 Pune “Why buy my book” @6th Pune International Festival (PILF) 28/09/2018 With fellow Authors & curious book lovers
32 Mumbai Book Launch & Sharing stories at Rotary Club of Mumbai-Downtown Sealand 03/10/2018 With the President, Dr.Bimal Malhotra & members of Rotary Club of Mumbai-Downtown Sealand
33 Mumbai Book Launch during Leadership Summit & Awards 2018 by MORPHEUS Enterprises 05/10/2018 With Fellow Speakers & Audience
34 Gurugram Book Launch during Conference on Indian Women Convention (IWC) & Women Leadership Awards 2018 06/10/2018 With Mr.Talees Rizvi, Fellow Speakers & Audience
35 Lagos, Nigeria Book Launch @Primlaks Nigeria Ltd. 07/10/2018 With Chairman, M.D & Staff members
36 Bhopal Book Launch @Vidyapeeth College 26/10/2018 With Director, Participants & Students
37 Bhopal Book Launch@Oriental College 26/10/2018 With Director, Participants & Students
38 Rewa Book Launch during HR Conference
by Study Centre of HRD @APS University
27/10/2018 With Vice-Chancellor, Director, Participants & Students
39 Bhopal Book Launch by Club Literatti 28/10/2018 With Smt.Sarita Deoskar, Guruji Dhyanshree Shailesh, Tanveer Shaikh, Dr.Faiqa Saulat Khan, Ms.Seema Raizada & Ms.Asma Rizwan
40 Dhaka, Bangladesh Book Launch @Daffodil International University 31/10/2018 With Director, Participants & Students
41 Dhaka, Bangladesh Book Launch by Bangladesh Skill Development Institute (BSDI) & Bangladesh Organisation for Learning & Development (BOLD) 01/11/2018 With Director, Participants & Students
42 Chittagong, Bangladesh Book Launch by East Delta University (EDU) 02/11/2018 With Vice-Chancellor, Director, Participants & Students
43 Chittagong, Bangladesh Book Launch by Bangladesh Society for Human Resource Management (BSHRM) 02/11/2018 With Office Bearers of BSHRM Chittagong Chapter & Participants
44 Dhaka, Bangladesh Book Launch @United International University (UIU) 03/11/2018 With Vice Chancellor, Dean-Dr.F.A Sobhani, Participants & Students
45 Dhaka, Bangladesh Book Launch by Institute of Personnel Management (IPM) 03/11/2018 With Mr. Md.Musharrof Hossain, Dr.F.A Sobhani ,Office Bearers of IPM & Participants
46 Mumbai Book Launch during “Future of HR” Summit By MORPHEUS Enterprises 16/11/2018 With Fellow Speakers & Audience
47 Phulpur, Allahabad Book Launch during Annual Day-2018 Celebrations Of Sanskar Public School 17/11/2018 With Founder, Chairperson, Dignitaries & Student Audience
48 Mumbai Book Launch during “3rd Future Women Leader 2018 Summit” By Transformance Forums 23/11/2018 With Fellow Speakers & Audience
49 Hyderabad Book Launch during ICBM-AMP Academic Excellence Awards 2018 24/11/2018 With Hon. Chief Guest, Director-ICBM, Faculty, Students, Award Recipients & Audience
50 Mumbai Book Launch at Rotary Club of Mumbai Mid-City 28/11/2018 With President, Office Bearers & Members of Rotary Club of Mumbai Mid-City
51 Pune Book Launch by NHRD Pune Chapter @MITCON Institute of Management 12/12/2018 With President, Office Bearers of NHRD Pune, Director & Faculty of the Institute
52 Delhi Book Launch by NHRD Delhi & NCR Chapter @IFFCO Sadan 14/12/2018 With President & Office Bearers of NHRD Delhi & NCR Chapter
53 Delhi Book Launch @Indian HR Convention & HDM Awards 2018 15/12/2018 With Mr.Talees Rizvi, Fellow Speakers & Audience
54 Thane Book Launch@LinkedIn Local Thane- 2nd Edition 22/12/2018 With Ms.Shweta Ojha & participants
55 Mumbai Book Launch @C&B2019 Conclave by Times Group 08/02/2019 With Mr.Prahlad Kakar, famous Adman & Mr.Sanjay Goyal, VP- Times Internet
56 Hyderabad Book Launch by NHRD Hyderabad Chapter
@Cyient Limited
14/02/2019 With Mr.Ravikant Reddy - President, NHRD Hyderabad Chapter , Mr.Ashok Reddy – President –Corporate Affairs & Infrastructure & audience
57 Hyderabad Book Launch during
ILDP-AMP Women Excellence Awards 2019 ceremony
08/03/2019 With Office Bearers & Jury of ILDP-AMP Awards 2019 & Audience
58 Mumbai Book Launch during
Indian Business Women Conference
& Awards 2019, Mumbai
15/03/2019 With Fellow Speakers & Audience
59 Indore Book Launch during SHE
Conclave 2019 by CII Malwa Chapter
07/06/2019 With Office Bearers of CII Malwa Chapter, Fellow Speakers & Audience
60 Doha, Qatar Book launch during
1st edition of QCLF’19
12/07/2019 With RJ Nazia & Zia @ Qatar Radio office
61 Mumbai Book Launch during
“Indian HR Summit & Awards 2019”
26/07/2019 With Fellow Speakers & Audience
62 Ratchaburi, Thailand Book launch 27/08/2019 With Rajratan & Global Talent Team
63 Mumbai Book Launch during “Diversity & Inclusion Bootcamp 2019 by Transformance Forums” 20/09/2019 With Fellow Speakers & Audience
64 Mumbai Book Launch during “EA Summit & Awards 2019” by MORPHEUS Enterprises” 27/09/2019 With Fellow Speakers & Audience
65 Pune Book Launch at Lear India 10/10/2019 With Participants
66 Mumbai Book release at Adfactors 24/10/2019 With Senior Management team
67 Mumbai Book Release by PRSI 29/11/2019 With Participants
68 Mumbai Book Launch at IMC-MMB event 29/11/2019 With Participants
69 Bangalore Book Launch at Narayana Hospital 13/12/2019 With Dr.Devi Shetty, Sr.Doctors, Hospital staff & patients
70 Mumbai Book launch during "Xperience Management Summit & Awards 2020" by Morpheus Enterprises 30/01/2020 With Fellow Speakers & Audience
71 Virtual - Mumbai Book launch @SFIMAR, Mumbai 19/09/2020 With Students & Faculty
72 Virtual - Gurugram Book launch @J.K Business School, Gurugram 10/10/2020 With Students & Faculty
73 Virtual - Badlapur, Mumbai Book Launch @Bharat College of Arts & Commerce 14/12/2020 With Students & Faculty
74 Virtual - Mumbai Book Launch@Kohinoor Business School (KBS) 09/02/2021 With Students & Faculty
75 Virtual - Mumbai Book Launch during Instagram Live Session by The Million Pixel 29/05/2021 Instagram Followers
76 Virtual - Mumbai Book Launch during monthly "Read to Lead" forum 04/07/2021 Participants of "Read to Lead" Forum
77 Virtual - Ahmedabad Book Launch during monthly "Book Browsers Meet" 15/08/2021 Participants of "Book Browsers Meet"

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Dr.Santrupt B.Misra

“Aparna’s innovatively themed book “ Between U & Me” reaffirmed something that I personally believe in – that life itself is a message and has a message. She presents 14 rich lives from diverse backgrounds who neither seek fame nor recognition. The book’s matter of fact writing and detail orientation make it more authentic and relatable. This book is certainly not about ordinary people but is definitely for the common individuals who seek inspiration from stories of those who lived an inspired life. Truly Inspirational – it has struck a chord with me. ”

Dr.Adil Malia

“Hidden inside each one of us is an unidentified 'Phantom' of potential talents. This is yet another of natures gift to each one of us . Unfortunately, it has a tendency to remain hidden & bottled-up within. Albeit fully capable, the dance of this Phantom remains un-choreographed into an opera. Aparna brings out this aspect very well in her book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the 'first-snatch' versions of the chapters of this lovely book as it was getting into print.

It is the prime job of every leader to identify that bottled-up talent within the people who work with her so that she systematically opens the bottle and navigate the potential of this Phantom into a reality. Totally aligned to Aparna's clear thinking on this subject.

Rightly indicates can achieve success in any sphere by sheer dint of hard-work. I enjoyed reading every chapter in the book. Will inspire you & keep inspiring every time you fall short.

Highly recommended !!! “

Vikesh Wallia

“Congratulations Aparna for the second book ! The best one can do for the Society at large today is to add to the self confidence of ordinary people that they can also do extraordinary things ! I have read the book and enjoyed thoroughly. You will enjoy the blessings of many for your this endeavor !! Our country needs many more such books and many more Aparnas !”

Dhyanshree Shailesh,
Mahamandleshwar Shree Panch Dashnam Juna Akhara,
Shant Advait Ashram,
Swami Shaileshanand Giri

Dear Aparna, A hearty congratulation on your achievement for successfully publishing another book. "Between U and Me"

It's a book that will make readers think and research by inner journey, "Between Me and Me!!".

It's not just you sang my song in this symphony, but it's a total master piece album. You have put all your hard work and efforts in it. It is an ideal thing to appreciate people to follow their dreams and achieve extraordinary heights being an ordinary one. Positivity plays an important role to move forward and keeping belief that what you are doing is a great work. I am pleased that everyone in book specially you gave my "Campaign Against Depression" and "Duty revolution " a practical ground. This kind of motivation is required in our competitive society. All the best to you for writing more books in the future.

My prayers for your creative enthusiasm always.

Om namo Narayan!”

Radhakrishnan Pillai

Aparna Sharma - a dear friend and a #CorporateLeader has recently released her 2nd book titled ,“BETWEEN U & ME” – ‘Ordinary people - Extra ordinary lives’ !-Amazing Book. Worth a read! Interestingly, I am also a part of the book. One Chapter is about me and the journey of ‘Chanakya in my life’ Do read and gift it to others... Lots of life lessons in this book.

Best wishes Aparna - wish to see this book soon on the best seller list. Keep writing and inspiring others... #BookNow

Arun Kaimal

Aparna Sharma - my Mentor and and a respected #CorporateLeader has recently released her 2nd book titled, “BETWEEN U & ME” – ‘Ordinary people - Extra ordinary lessons’.

Aparna Sharma has been kind to make me a part of her journey by including a Chapter in the book about my life journey so far. I feel lucky and blessed to be featured in this book with many other inspiring human beings like Radhakrishnan Pillai and others. I have read the book and feel it has many simple life lessons to offer to all of us depending on our life journey and the stage we are at.

Best wishes Aparna Sharma - wish to see this book soon on the best seller list. Keep writing and inspiring others...#Book Now

Amita Jain

I have become a great fan of your work.
I’m already glued to your latest book "Between U & Me".

Novel Concept!The language is simple, inspiring and connecting.

Madhusudan Joshi

“Between U & Me” is a ‘must read’ for everyone, especially for the younger generation. What is amazing is the you have identified and captured heroes from common people around us. It clearly shows that you, as an Author have an open mind to acknowledge them irrespective of their age. Your personal story is touching, teaches about resilience and success. Looking forward to one more from your desk!

Dr.Ashalata Menon

“Your book, “Between U & Me” is really worth reading. Very different from other books, as you can start from any chapter. There is something to learn from each person. I was very touched by your story, since I know you for so long as a doctor, but did not know about your life & struggles. Well done! I have already recommended the book to my family, friends & patients too!”

Col. Amit Sharma

Awinash Dulip

“Between U & Me by Aparna Sharma -

All proceeds of this book go to UDAAN a scholarship initiated by the author Aparna Sharma to promote education of the girl child in her school where she has studied. Her rewards, her professional life and career, her journey started here, what a unique manner of giving back to the school that moulded her.

The book expresses that even common people have extraordinary lessons to learn from. This can inspire common, average people from all works of life who have determination, willing to work hard, have clarity and focus and are willing to tackle all difficulties can also be successful.

The selection of people in the book “Between U & Me” come from all works of life, uneducated, skilled, talented, educated and highly educated, free lance, private sector, government & public sector and each one has a story to tell.

Highly recommended. Do read!”

Meenakshi Mirajgaoker

“Inspiration comes from different places and Aparna’s book has provided many opportunities for everyone to get that spark that could set your goals on fast forward mode. It’s a story of people who have not allowed difficult situations that could easily pull people down, but instead used these as a inflexion point to change their lives from ordinary to extraordinary. “Between U& Me” is a must read for all ages.”

Suresh C.Tripathi

“Your book , “Between U & Me” is very very inspiring. I have requested my children to read it too. Everyone has a story & one can learn from it & relate. Congrats for bringing out such a nice book!”

D.B Sengupta

“Watched the Video with Dr.T.V Rao praising the initiative. You have always been exploring new ideas but the most striking part in this attempt of yours is to include the common man into your endeavour. So, from rubbing shoulders with the high profile HR fraternity to the common man on the street, the canvas of different class of society is now complete through your book . You are a tireless worker. Adulations & compliments are not very important to you but people’s interest in your work keeps you Inspired. ‘Between U & Me’ is a wonderful piece of your alignment with the common people whose fight for existence despite all odds go unnoticed unless people like you take time to share their expectations & experiences. Please keep your efforts going for the good of the society. Best Wishes.”

Girdhar Balwani

“Your book,“Between U & Me” gives an insight into the lives of fourteen(14) so called ordinary people. It made me feel that no one is ordinary. Each one of us is special !

Each story provides an array of life gems and concludes with life lines and words of wisdom. They show us what truly matters in life and provide guidance on the values that are important and the path to real happiness.

“Between U & Me” takes us through multiple life journeys on which we can reflect and relate to our own lives. Truly inspiring!

Thank you Aparna! “

Sangeeta Ghosh Dastidar

“Many Congrats for writing such a wonderful book, “Between U & Me”. Frankly, there are many such collaborative books of people being featured but simplicity in presentation and simple language is the trump card for this book. I wish this book gets translated in other languages too, so that everyone is able to access these lovely life stories… wishes always!

Prashant Sharma

The book , “Between U & Me” is about the triumph of the underdogs against all odds. A must read for those looking for Inspiration in life.

Prashant Dalal

Aparna, your book “Between U & Me” is a very good inspiration for life. A few lessons I learnt personally are to always be positive & to stay connected with positive people & that one can achieve success by strong determination.

Prabha Kishore

Review - Between U & Me” a book by Aparna Sharma

“As the title says it’s all between U and Me, Between Us. Our simple lives, our dreams, our struggles and our approach to lead life. All these in the form of 14 different idols she has written about, 14 different people who have inspired her along her life, those people who she thinks are ordinary people & have extraordinary lessons to teach.

Believe me, every individual is extraordinary given the contribution they have made towards the society. While reading through every profile, one relates oneself to some or the other story of one’s own life. Every individual is Simple yet Unique. Inspite of all the odds faced in their lives, these ordinary people have achieved success. It’s difficult to give insight of every story written as it has to be read in words of the author to feel it. But yes, I have loads of learnings. Most important, it’s all about US, how we live our lives. Not everyone gets what he/she dreams, neither everyone gets opportunity to achieve what he/she wants but it’s how you shape your life to achieve it. There’s always one who lends you a helping hand being your Guru , being your everything to set a path for you but most important Its always one and only “You” who can motivate yourself.

Not to forget, there is a 15th profile of the author herself to tell you the journey of a small town girl to now a working professional and a published author. The most beautiful part is the personalized letter she has written to every person in the book and one to herself as well. Loved it to the core. It’s not easy to pat your own back!

The journey of these 15 people will truly set a learning curve for every reader. Wonderful you are Aparna . Glad to know you and have this jewel with me."

A small take of mine :

"Dream for the Stars
Work Hard to touch them
Fight hammer and tongs
Achieve the Best
Live to the Full
Give back to the society
Let that be Life!"

#reader #books #bookread #booklovers #booksarelife

Dr. P. L. N. Raju

Ordinary is also Extraordinary. What counts is the spirit of adventure and commitment to excel. It moves the "ordinary" to become "extraordinary" professionals and human beings. What could be a better way to demonstrate this other than through biographic stories of highly acclaimed achievers in our country in Aparna’s Inspirational Book , “Between U & Me “! Brilliant collection from diverse sections of our society. Real life narrations setting examples for others to emulate. Proud of you, Aparna! Way to go……

Anita Arjundas

The Book is a powerful window to the world of 15 inspirational achievers. Candid sharing of successes and failures, a common thread of humility and positivity, and a conversational style peppered with takeaways and life lessons make for an interesting and inspiring read. A very well written book, Aparna!

N.S Rajan

The book "Between U & Me" inspires students and professionals with stories about ordinary individuals reaching great heights in their lives. Aparna through the book has proved an aspect that “impossible is possible”.
Aparna will always remain a source of inspiration and rejuvenation for young and senior professionals and "Between U & Me" is a reflection of the same.

Ramesh Iyer

“ The Book U & Me is truly inspirational. This is not a book but a guide. It serves as a great support to all age, gender, professionals and anyone else without exception. It helps build self confidence and makes you believe to try what otherwise one would have never attempted. Very interesting that personalities chosen are from diverse fields but have very common quality and have achieved success through Hardwork, Determination, Passion, Discipline and self Belief. A Great Lesson.
To me, personally it helped me ask a very critical question- Have I Done enough ? All energised to keep going ! Thank you Aparna :)

Nitish Pania

“It is an inspiring book, with real life stories of strong people who came against all odds to make their life a meaningful one for the society. Thanks Aparna for stitching up such a beautiful collage, full of life’s colors.”

Amazon Customer Reviews

Raja Shree

5.0 out of 5 stars
6 January, 2020

"Between you and me is really worth reading. This book can inspire everyone from all works, willing to work hard, who have determination to become successful."

Amit Sharma

5.0 out of 5 stars  My takeaway "The Emphasis on Self Belief"
5 January, 2020

"#Recommendations @depending upon won background and personal preferences, one can choose his/her role model from the book titled "Between U & Me- Ordinary People-Extraordinary Lessons" by Aparna Sharma. It is to be understood that the book is an assembly of common individuals who inspire the author. A set of well researched storied, the book is recommended to all age groups for reading , especially to the colleague kids to imbibe the virtues and values and be better equipped to take on the world. #A must read,"

Prashant Sharma

5.0 out of 5 stars
2 August, 2018

"It's about the hidden and unexplored possibilities and potential in common people. The book is about the fight of underdogs against all odds…..a must read for one looking for inspiration…..a very fine work by the author."

Vivekanand Sharma

5.0 out of 5 stars
16 June,2018

"A must read book -Awesome book which inspires about the heroic ways of ordinary people. Loved all the stories."

Alisha Sinha

5.0 out of 5 stars
28 May, 2018

"Must read to transform from Ordinary to Extraordinary. Great lessons- If they can do it, even We can do it."

Mahaveer Singh Rathore

5.0 out of 5 stars
26 May, 2018

"Nice read with inspiring stories of ordinary people"